Fences Installation in Dedham, MA

Discount Fence Co., located in Dedham, Massachusetts, specializes in fence installation services as well as constructing retaining walls to better serve your needs today.
Fence Installation: Our Specialty
Discount Fence Co. proudly provides you with an estimate over the phone or we schedule a time to come out and look things over before moving forward with installation or repair services. Your calls are important to us and are immediately forwarded to a fence professional. All of the estimates are done by the owner, who is always on site for every job.

We answer questions and listen to you to find out what you really need in a fence. If you need a fence for a specific reason, our crew works with you to get exactly what you need for your individual situation.
fence installation — Fence in Dedham,MA
Types of Fencing
We proudly sell, install, and repair:
  • Chain Link Fences
  • Cedar Fences
  • Spruce Fences
  • Vinyl Fences
  • Guard Rails
Your Ideal Outdoor Area
We work with both residential and commercial customers. Discount Fence Co. also builds privacy fences for swimming pools to better serve your specific needs. You may choose from the different fence types, and we can obtain any color and style for our customers.
Contact our team today at 781-326-1514 in Dedham, MA to discuss your new fence.